11:19 PM

My brother built this sweet Nintendo computer. He took some pictures of his progress and I put it on the site. Check it out. It's located in the "Other" section.

Also, there is progress being made on the first episode of the Space Monkey Mafia. Thanks for your patience!

And don't forget the forums. The people in there won't bite, I promise.*

*Safety from biting not guaranteed


1:54 AM
Poor Lonely Lunchbox...

*Cricket chirp*
I get the distinct impression that nearly no one comes here anymore...
There are barely any new posts in the forum.
Well, even though I have been working very hard on the Space Monkey Mafia, I haven't forgotten the Lunchbox crowd.
I got some updates just for you!
1) I brought back the Picture of the Whenever! (Now Jaffo can stop his bitching.)
2) I added the Tales from the Lunchbox Guide to Filmmaking in the Other section. (It was getting loney)
3) I killed the damn cricket.
Now come back to me, baby. I won't do you wrong again!


5:04 PM
Monkey Madness!

It's the big update you've all been waiting for...
The trailer for the upcoming Lunchbox Flash series Space Monkey Mafia is up! When you are done with that, there are a few bonus features on the official website that'll keep you busy for a little while. There is even a place on the forums just for the Space Monkey Mafia.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!


5:29 AM
Shop 'til you Drop!

I got a few updates! Yay!
First off, The Flash pages have been redone and there is a new cartoon up! Give that a look see!
Second, I added a few more sites to the Links page. I'm going to redo that area though. It needs better organization.
And last but not least, we have a Shop! Please give it a good look and consider buying something to support the site. There will be more shops coming soon!
I'm going to bed now. Uggghh...


6:32 PM
Pack your Bags !

The Lunchbox has moved to or !
Or you can access us by simply going to , clicking on "sties" then "Tales from the Lunchbox"!
So if you bothered to bookmark us, please update it!

Keep checking back soon for exciting things! Such as new forums! And more exclamation marks!



2:00 PM
Minor Updates

Quick little update: 2 more links added and 1 changed on the Links Page.
The Picture of the... Whenever has also been updated.

Film at 11.



11:19 PM
The Forums go Hollywood

The bad news, the old forums are going to be pay-only.
The good news, there are new ones in its place.
Please sign back up and check out the post in the "Site Info" forum.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, if you didn't see it in the last news update, check out the Picture of the... Whenever feature located in the right side-bar.



4:35 PM
Snickity snickity snap!

I added another feature to the right side-bar called "Picture of the... Whenever"
Check it out, it should be fun.

Also, check out the forums! Lot's of cool stuff going on in there.

Stay tuned for more updates!


12:09 PM
Valentine's Day... Ugh.

Happy You're-a-Single-Loser Day!

My gift to you is a brand-spankin'-new set of forums! Please make some use out of them! There is some good stuff there. Thanks!


9:14 PM
Finally! An Update!

Yup. I finally updated the site. It's minor, but it still counts. I've had the Flash page up for awhile, in case you didn't notice. For those of you who did (all 2 of you), One of the cartoons is updated.
It's been a whole month since I updated last. School and life has kept me busy. I'll try to improve the page a little bit at a time each week. No promises though! Please check back anyway!



6:32 AM

Howdy Space Cadets! Welcome to my new site "Tales from the Lunchbox." Since my hosting crapped out on me, this is just a condensed version of all of the web sites that I ever threw together. Check back for updates as there is nothing here yet. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and Happy New Year!

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